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A flexible and complete end-to-end UBI solution

Scope Technology offers tranformative end-to-end solutions for insurance companies. We have been working with insurance companies for over 10 years to deliver telematics solutions and services that solve business problems, automate processes, reduce customer churn, reduce risk, and add revenue through services.

Insurance Solutions

Most comprehensive end-to-end UBI solution incorporating award winning analytics and actuarial platform

Computer vision platform for automating vehicle inspections saves significant time and money

End-to-end UBI solutions with supporting services

Gamification platform to incentivize good driving behavior with a high adoption rate and low churn

Partner marketplace allows for data monetization, adding additional revenue in a smart convenient way that consumer's see as valuable.

Delivering advanced, versatile, and comprehensive insurance solutions

Holistic Approach

Scope helps work out the structure and ROI of the program

Scope's experts assist with any resource gaps to launch an effective program

Caters to any type of driver data capture device (hardware device or software)

Collaborate and work with every department within your company to make the program successful

Globally proven solutions

UBI Solution

A device agnostic solution

Over 10 years of proven Enterprise success

Extensive actuarial analytics platform

Industry acknowledged as providing the most extensive UBI solution

Globally tried and tested for over 10 years

Professional Services

Actuarial experts with UBI backgrounds to help create a base model and consult on an on-going basis

Behavioral Scientists to consult on objectives and compile library of client engagements

Local research and refinement

Marketing support for constructing the customer offers

Best of breed with expertise in UBI

Scope provides superior end-to-end telematics solutions from the hardware to the software to the services. They are strong in managing the entire solution…

Head of Telematics, Amaline Assurances (a Groupama Company)

UBI that is dynamically adapted to emerging and established markets.

UBI Results

Reduction in customer churn by as much as 20%

Reduction of 37% for claims from young drivers

41% increase in customer lifetime value

Reduction of 20%, on average, of claims cost

Reduction of 59% in the cost per vehicle for 'own damage' claims

Why Scope Technology?

Scope Technology is a global pioneer in UBI. Scope’s UBI solutions are proven in the market, with over 10 years of domain expertise around the world.